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CharlestonWISE™ LLC is your one-stop-shop for home energy upgrades. Our certified experts offer trusted advice, personalized services and best-in-class workmanship to ensure complete satisfaction through every step of your home improvement. Whether your goal is to reduce utility bills or to diagnose and fix comfort or moisture problems -- we have you covered!

As a fully licensed and insured contracting company with the most experience in the industry, we want what is best for your home as much (or more) than you do. Our objective is to help homeowners make smart investments that offer a great return, while simplifying and taking the headache out of the renovation process. While most homeowners are motivated to reduce energy costs, we find that increasing the efficiency of homes almost always improves comfort too. Energy efficiency improvements also add value to your home.

CharlestonWISE™ LLC is a company of The Sustainability Institute. The WISE tag is an acronym for Worthwhile Investments Save Energy and highlights the economic, health and comfort benefits of home energy improvements.

CharlestonWISE™ is currently offering the following services:

Whole House Energy Assessment and Proposal:

Also known as the ENERGY AUDIT - When you’re ready upgrade your home for energy efficiency, schedule a whole house assessment (a.k. an energy audit). We perform testing using specialized equipment including a blower door, duct blaster and infrared camera to gather important data and to create an energy model of your home. Our Energy Advisors design a customized improvement plan that outlines the cost of improvements and estimated energy savings. The base price for a whole house assessment is $350 for a home that is 2,500 sf or less with a single hvac duct system.

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Home Performance Contracting and Project Management:

We are the expert contractors to call to make your home more comfortable and efficient. When you are ready to start your home upgrade, call us first for a free no-obligation estimate. Well review your project goals and priorities, and design a scope of work that meets your particular needs and budget.

As a general contractor specializing in home performance upgrades, we will manage your job from start to finish. Our expert project managers and craftsmen perform diagnostic checks during every step of the construction process so that you can be comfortable knowing your home has received a superior performance upgrade. Our team has the training to solve your home's unique challenges. CharlestonWISE™ experts are certified by the Building Performance Institute, and work is guaranteed to meet stringent industry standards. Our post-improvement testing and analysis measures the impact of your efficiency upgrades and verifies that our work meets safety and quality benchmarks. We also perform routine check-ins following your project, and will always be a resource for your home performance questions.

CharlestonWISE™ also offers

Code Compliance

  • Duct Testing
  • Blower Door Testing

Performance Testing and Certification Work

  • HERS Ratings
  • Energy Efficiency Mortgages
  • Above Code Certification
  • Energy Star® – LEED™ – NAHB® – Earthcraft™
  • Energy Efficiency Design Consultation
  • Third Party Construction Inspections at Critical Construction Phases
  • Spray-foam Verification


  • Duct Repair
  • Duct Sealing
  • Duct Leakage Testing
  • Manual J Load Calculations
  • Commissioning
  • Room-by-Room Airflow Design
  • Duct Design
  • Mini Split Design
  • Fresh Air


  • Moisture Barriers
  • Encapsulation
  • Closed-Cell Spray-foam


  • Insulation
  • Encapsulation Open/Closed-Cell
  • Spray-foam Verification
  • Air Sealing

Moisture Diagnostics/ Problem Solving

  • High Humidity
  • Fungal Growth

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Our Team:

  • A licensed Construction Manager with top industry certifications and more than 15 years of hands on, project management, and site superintendent experience in residential new construction and remodeling.
  • A Quality Assurance Specialist that is a certified HERS Rater and B.P.I Building Analyst and Envelope Professional that has managed hundreds of single family and multifamily home energy retrofits and energy audits.
  • An Energy Advisor that is a Certified Energy Manager and B.P.I. Building Analyst and Envelope Professional that has conducted over 800 energy audits, participated in renovating over 1100 homes, and is trained in hvac performance and duct design.
  • A Customer Service Specialist that will guide you through the Charleston WISE process and make sure that all of your needs are fully met and satisfied.



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CharlestonWISE™ LLC is a company of The Sustainability Institute. The WISE tag is an acronym for Worthwhile Investments Save Energy and highlights the economic, health and comfort benefits of home energy improvements.