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South Carolina Green Building Directory

The South Carolina Green Building Directory (SCGBD) is an easy to use, go-to resource for those interested in access to tools for green building in South Carolina. The goal of the SCGBD is to provide users with information they need to find products and services that support green building practices for new construction or remodeling of residential and commercial facilities in South Carolina. It is also a useful resource for those within the south-east region of the United States and beyond.

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Green Building Consulting

Contractors and Developers

Our services are designed to help contractors and developers navigate through the often-complicated 'green' certification process. We can help you determine what techniques and products work best for your construction or development project, provide needed research, aid with cost analysis and even train your staff to help you achieve wanted results. We work with developers to incorporate 'green' and sustainable community practices, sustainable building design, systems and technologies, waste diversion methods, environmental impact and economic feasibility.

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Businesses and Municipalities

We work with local civic and government organizations to make energy efficiency improvements. We also offer 'scorecard consulting' for the
Charleston Green Business Challenge.

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Education and Outreach


Our free workshops provide a way to transfer knowledge regarding various topics in sustainability to the greater public. We offer workshops every month that provide a foundation for making your home and life more energy efficient and sustainable. Upon a per-demand basis, we also offer workshops in a variety of topics and can take the workshop 'on the road' for communities outside of our partnering neighborhoods.

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Energy Conservation Workshop

Our most popular workshop, this hands-on 1-hour workshop teaches residents simple no- and low-cost ways to save energy in their homes and reduce their monthly energy and water bills. Workshop participants are encouraged to bring a copy of their latest energy bill so that we can help document energy costs saved.

Sustainable Home Renovation

This workshop is ideal for any homeowner that is looking to renovate and wanting to do it more sustainably. With rising electric and gas prices, a housing market slump and more environmentally-conscious buyers, it is important that old and modern day homes become more sustainable. The workshop is premised on renovations made to our demonstration facility, the GreenHouse. Covering six (6) key components of sustainability (durability, energy & water conservation, indoor air quality, moisture control, organic & native species landscaping & sustainable living), this workshop will lend you the right information for making your abode a more efficient place to live.

Indoor Air Quality

This workshop teaches you how to improve the indoor air quality and overall health of your home. The workshop presents lessons about proper home ventilations, locating sources of indoor air pollutants and household hazardous materials, reducing exposure to harmful toxins and covers healthy household products & cleaners.

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If you would like to request a workshop, please contact us via email at or phone 843.529.3421.



Energy Efficiency Improvements for Historic Structures in Warm and Humid Climates

As the residential energy efficiency industry in Charleston grows, many historic homeowners are looking to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their houses while protecting their historic value. While the demand for this work is growing, it takes a special understanding of how these buildings were built, how they were intended to function and what regulations protect them today before any work can be done.  

If you are an energy efficiency or preservation professional who would like to learn more about how to properly assess and improve these houses for efficiency and comfort benefits, this class is for you. 

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